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Length inches (in) millimeters (mm) 25.4
millimeters (mm) inches (in) 0.04
inches (in) mil 1000
foot (ft) meter (m) 0.3048
Weight ounce (oz) grams (g) 28.3495
pound (lb) grams (g) 453.59
pound (lb) kilogram (kg.) 0.4536
short ton metric ton 0.9070
metric ton short ton 1.1025
metric ton kilogram (kg) 1000
metric ton pound (lb) 2205
kilograms/millimeters PIW 55.88
PIW kilograms/millimeters 0.003579
kilograms/millimeters pound (lb.) 2.204622
Coating Weight ounce/sq. foot grams/sq. meter 305.15
Density pound/cubic inch grams/cubic centimeter 27.68
Strength pound/sq. inch (psi) ksi (1000 psi) 0.001
pound/sq. inch (psi) megapascal (Mpa) 0.006895
pound/sq. inch (psi) Newton/sq. millimeter 0.006895
ksi megapascal (Mpa) 6.895
ksi Newton/sq. millimeter 6.895
ksi kilogram/sq. millimeter 0.704
Newton/sq. millimeter ksi 0.145033
Newton/sq. millimeter megapascal (Mpa) 1
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