PMI offers several additional product features which enhance the functionality of the product or the productivity of the process:

1. Oscillate wound material If your production process uses slit coils which have a width of usual below 2” (50 mm) a switch to oscillate wound coils can enhance your productivity substantially. The normal increase of run time on your machine will increase at least by 500%.
2. Edge Conditioned Products PMI offers a series of products with defined edge geometries including round, chamfered, and square. These edges provide for precision and consistent geometries that are ideal for applications requiring EB or Laser welding. Common applications include gas tank straps, metal and wood cutting saw blades, and hose clamps.
3. De-burred edges This process removes the normal burr caused by a #3 slit edge.
4. Normalized (Non-Earing) A special annealing process yields a uniform, equiaxed grain structure resulting in earring of less than or equal to 1%. This product has extremely uniform metal flow characteristics and is ideal for drawn, cylindrical shells.

Please inquire for additional details.
5. Minimum Earring This feature is a lower cost alternative to a normalized product. By closely controlling cold reduction schedules and annealing parameters, PMI can engineer a product with minimum earring characteristics (2% - 6%), extreme ductility and excellent metal flow characteristics. This product is ideal for medium height cans as well as compound, cylindrical deep draws.
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